Los Zetas Cartel AK
Rob mastriano ak0
Rob mastriano ak1
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Rob mastriano work flow

Retopology in Maya, UV unwrap in 3Ds max loosely following Tim Bergholz's AKM tutorial. First time user of Substance Painter. Used my AK as a jump-off point to learn advanced texture set creation workflow.

Los Zetas Cartel AK

I used the techniques I learned in Fusion to create an AK. It is the first advanced 3D model I ever created, and served as a base for me to learn various techniques and work flow processes across the entire game asset creation pipeline. I am pleased with how it turned out given my experience and the amount of time in which I was able to gain/learn a vast skill set in such a short time. I hope to continue to polish this model as I continue to grow and learn as an artist.
Special thanks to my mentors: Michael Baker, Isaac Oster, Christian Gallego, and Dennis Porter!

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